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Speaker will be talking at the Eco-Club on April 11

-The goal of the meeting is to be informed on how to create a petition to oust the syrofoam trays in the cafeteria

+Bring a friend and cookies if you can!!!



Paper towel compost updates (updated 3/16)


Like the Eco Club Page (not a group this time) on Facebook:



November 1st meeting--> Presentation from Paul Poyten

*Movement to decrease fossil fuel dependence* (transition from this)

+Transition Recognitions= How do we?

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • increase resilience
  • strengthen local economy 

+Permaculture= permanent agriculture

  • making it possible for humans to live with Earth, biosphere, and how they can each live with each other->Restore its balance

Actions Towards Transition:

  1. Initiating groups (officers which we have)
  2. Raise awarness
  3. Lay the foundations/ collaborate and co-operation
  4. Organize a great unleashing
  5. Form working groups
  6. Use open space technology
  7. Develope visible/ practical projects
  8. Faciliate the great reskilling
  9. Build a bridge to local government
  10. Honor and engage elders/ newer generations
  11. Create energy descent plan
  12. Let it be and let it become something on its own 

November 1: Come learn about In Transition.   Bring a friend! 

Notes from Monday's officer meeting



1ST Step to Zero Waste!

-Paper towel composting

 =Finding sources to help provide bins to designate in bathrooms and science rooms throughout the school

 =Talk to administration about approval (officer meeting next monday 25th) 

+Feild Trip to composting center in Milner options for time/days:

    -4th hour

   -8th hour

   -After school (any day) 


Calendar for 2010:

Nov 1

Nov 15

Dec 6

(all white Mondays)


Project ideas and topics for the year:
  -Research on electic cars
  -Raising money throughout the year to donate to an orginization
  -Impact on environment everywhere
  -Overall raising awarness of recylcling/get people to care more
    +Go to buisnesses around town (those who dont recycle and ask them to start and help them to start)
  -Recycling or making a compost for the paper towels in our school
    +Look for donations to aid us in this process
  -Research the oil spill
  -Research solar power/its engineering
  -Researching carbon foot print/finding ours
  -Promoting ECO Club to the freshmen
     +Future leaders and change
  -Zero waste ideas brought to school
     +From October West and such sources 


About Our Club

The Eco Club is a student driven organization with a focus on anything green!  Projects vary from learning about global environmental issues to improving the school-recycling program.  As an inaugural club, the options are wide open and anything environmental goes. 


 Navigating the wiki

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Meeting Notes



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